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Tenomichi provides a full on-line Technical Support process. Most problems are solved within a 24 hour period.


Before you contact technical support please make sure you have watched the free tutorials included in 3D Media Center and 3D Edit and you have read the FAQ Forum section here or our Manual here.

The FAQ Forum and our Manual contains details on 

1) How to install your Tenomichi Product

2) How to use our Tutorials

3) Frequently Asked Questions

4) Getting the right video codec support

5) Problem solving

and much more


If you can't find the solution to your problem on the FAQ Forum then send an email to 

tech @ tenomichi . com 

(Please note we have added spaces to the above address to stop some of the spam we get. You have to remove the spaces when you email). 




If you run an email spam filter make sure it is set to allow tech @ tenomichi . com to respond to you. Otherwise when we send you an email reply to your question, you will not get it!! 


So we can deal with your problem promptly, your email needs to include the following

a) Your name. This needs to be the same name you registered with.

b) Your email. This needs to be the same email you registered with.

c) Details of your PC including what graphics card you are using including the following;






What version of 3D Edit do you have?

Silver or Gold?

Version 3 or Version 4?


What operating system and service pack do you use

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4? You must use Win 2000 Service Pack 4 with 3D Edit.

DX9.0c? If you are using Windows 2000 you must use DirectX9.0c which you can get from our website under the download section. If you are using XP or XP Pro DirectX 9.0c is part of Service Pack 2.

Windows XP or XP Pro with Service Pack 2? You must use XP Service Pack 2 with 3D Edit.


What CPU do you use

Pentium XXX

Athlon XXX

Make sure you include your CPU Speed.


What graphics card do you use

Make sure you include the manufacturer, the chip model such as GeForce 6600 XT or Radeon 9600XT etc.


What memory is on your graphics card

This is normally 128Mb or 256Mb


What hard drives are you using.

What we ant to know is what speed are they. Normally they will be ATA 100, ATA 133, SATA 150 and sometimes they might be in a RAID configuration which makes them very fast.


What is your motherboard type

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) or PCIE (PCI Express)


What memory does your motherboard have

256Mb? 512Mb? 768Mbit? 1GBit?


Confirm you have already checked your graphics card and computer settings.

Yes or No


Describe your problem in a short precise way.



Detail any Error that 3D Edit gave you.



Detail any Error that Windows gives you.



If the problem began to occur after an update detail when you downloaded it.




We will do our best to repair your problem within 24 hours.


Tech Support Team




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