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About Us


Tenomichi is a world leader in Media and 3D software. It manufactures many 3D enabled multimedia products utilizing its 3D graphics engine "3D Experience" the worlds first 3D enabled multimedia engine.

The team has extensive experience in the field of media formats, compression and on-line distribution. The company's programming team has achieved five world firsts and has authored seven international patents.

With over 4 million products already sold in fiscal year 2006 Tenomichi's has rapidly established itself as the front runners in a new breed of Web 2.0 enabled rich media applications.




Q3 2004 Tenomichi designs new schematic for Scene Based technology and demonstrates it at the Siggraph Conference in Los Angeles

Q1 2005 Tenomichi completes version 2 of of 3D Edit

Q2 2005 Tenomichi releases 3D Edit V3 GPU based video editor

Q3 2005 Nvidia manufacturer XFX signs agreement for 3D Edit V3 to be bundled with graphics cards

Q4 2005 AMD Inc bundles 3D Edit V3.2 with all European X2 processors

Q1 2006 ATI manufactures Connect 3D ships 3D Edit V3.2 with all graphics cards

Q1 2006 Tenomichi receives substantial funding for creation of "3D Experience" engine

Q3 2006 Tenomichi releases 3D Media Center

Q3 2006 Tenomichi licenses Nvidia's PureVideo DVD decoder for Tenomichi products

Q3 2006 Tenomichi achieves 4 million product sales

Q2 2007 Tenomichi releases 3D Edit V4, 16 video tracks




Tenomichi is the Worlds fastest growing company in the field of Scene Based software. It has developed a complete product range that combines the best of 3D and Multimedia powered by its own software engine "3D Experience". This engine enables the seamless combination of 3D models, Video, Graphics and online connectivity. It's list of technology partners includes the largest CPU and GPU manufacturers including Intel Inc, AMD Inc, Nvidia Inc and ATI Inc in addition to some of the worlds largest electronics manufacturers.

Tenomichi has achieved over 4 million sales of its products and an estimated 6.2 million shipments. It has achieved a number of awards from both on-line and traditional press for product innovation and value.

Since its launch Tenomichi's website has doubled in traffic each month and now receives substantial traffic from its customer base and new users. With new on-line features in its product line Tenomichi is ideally placed to capitalize on the new on-line multimedia phenomenon.

If you are interested in investing in Tenomichi you should contact and place the word Investor in the subject heading of your email.




Tenomichi runs a special scheme called "Media Tools for Schools" to enable educational institutions anywhere in the world to purchase our software, support services and required hardware at a reduced rate and pass this saving onto their students. The qualification for this is as follows;

Any school, college, university or educational establishment can apply

Your educational establishment must have a website

Pricing is flexible, i.e. lower pricing is provided to educational establishments which are deemed to be in deprived areas

Our aim is to enable everyone, from what ever background, to have access to Graphic Media, TV and film production tools especially those who cannot afford them. 

If you wish to enter your school into the "Media Tools for Schools" scheme please contact who will provide you with an application form.




Tenomichi's EU customer postal address and contact details are

Tenomichi Limited
38/39 Bucklersbury
United Kingdom

Tel +44 1462 630 380
Fax +44 1462 630 380

Tenomichi's USA customer postal address and contact details are


Tenomichi US
Macara Gardens
Escalon Ave
Sunnyvale, CA

Tel +1 415 670 9284


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