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3D Media Center creates a new way to view and play your media. It's unique "On Chip" rendering engine improves the quality of video playback and combines this with a revolutionary new 3D interface. This is no gimmick, this new architecture actually combines and capitalizes on your computers 3D and Media capabilities, opening the door to a new experience. Tenomichi has pledged to support its 3D Media Center community with FREE updates and new FREE applications for your carousel. You can customize 3D Media Center's backgrounds and skins to suit your taste and use a standard remote control, your keyboard, mouse or even your mobile phone to control 3D Media Center's carousel and programs. The included copy of 3D Edit Silver V4 enables you to edit video like never before and 3D Media Center also includes NVIDIA's latest PureVideo codec for stunning hardware accelerated DVD playback, high picture quality and Dolby Digital audio. Leverage your graphic card's hardware to create stunning slideshows using super high resolution photos with the new PhotoZip format. Copy movies to and from your mobile phone, iPOD and PSP. Includes most popular formats such WMV, WMV HD, Divx, Xvid, MP4 and 3GP.



Feature List


Remote control of 3D Carousel and applications

Unique "On Chip Rendering" enables smooth playback of Standard and High Definition video

"ShowMe" Tutorials walk you through the program and show you step by step how to use its features 

Includes 3D Edit Silver V4 with 8 video tracks enough for even high end consumer editing

22 audio tracks and a 12 track automated audio mixing desk

Amazing 3D exploding transitions and 3D wipes. See the 3D Edit transition library here

Shaderman is a real-time special effects plugin that enables keyframeable effects from film and computer games including fire, water and smoke. Have ten simultaneous special effects running in real-time! See the Shaderman special effects library here

Quality chroma-keying (blue screen) for quality overlays and Picture in Picture effects

Quality color correction enables you to adjust and enhance the lighting of your video

Import video from almost any device including DV, HDV, DVD camcorders, webcams, MP4 video recorders and mobile phone

Record to Standard Definition and Mobile formats including, DV, MP4, WMV, WMV HD, Divx, Xvid and 3GP

Tools to help you organize and sort and prepare your video footage

Includes PC Browser to browse your PC with any remote control and play any audio or video

Includes 3D Mobile to copy movies to and from your mobile or handheld device

Includes 3D Slideshow to create and display super high resolution slideshows

Includes Free update in Q2 2007 of 3D TV a DVB-T and DVB TV viewer

Includes PureVideo™ Decoder for the highest quality editing and playback of MPEG2, .TS files and DVD playback

Includes 3D DVD Player with hardware accelerated DVD playback and Dolby Digital

Includes D3DVideo System Test to test your PC setup

FREE automatic updates and FREE new applications ensure 3D Media Center is always kept up-to-date


Included Applications


3D Carousel

The first difference you will notice when opening 3D Media Center is that it really is 3D and provides a completely different experience to other media centers. Powered by a central 3D carousel which can be operated by any PC remote control, keyboard or mouse. You can personalize 3D Media Center with your own backgrounds and skins to make it look the way you want.



3D Capture

3D Capture makes it easy to transfer video from camcorders, web-cams or any other WDM capture device to your PC. You can also capture VCRs, Satellite TV and any other device via your graphic card's Video In Video Out (VIVO) port. 3D Capture now includes scene detection to automatically separate your video footage into a number of individual clips which you can easily import into your project.

ShowMe Tutorials

"ShowMe" Tutorials walk you through the program and show you step by step how to use its features. This is like looking over the shoulder of your very own person from customer support as they demonstrate and talk you through how to use the program. ShowMe tutorials create a second mouse icon and this is used to operate 3D Media Center showing by example with narration how to use each feature. 


See these tutorials as online flash videos here .

3D Edit Silver V4

3D Edit Silver V4 has been designed to make editing both simple and instant. Catering for the newbie all the way through to the experienced user. It's the first editor in the World to use a new technology called "On Chip Rendering" which mixes video and adds effects in true real-time. By true real-time we mean instantaneously. No other consumer editor can even come close the power of 3D Edit which can play all special effects, all transitions and all 8 tracks at full resolution in full screen and in real-time.


Real-time editing gives you more time to play and have fun with your video. You can experiment with special effects from the games industry and use 3D Edit to raise the production value of your video be it a 15 second clip, a 15 minute short or a 150 minute epic. 



3D Edit Silver V4 includes all you need to organize your video into useable sized clips. You can drag and drop these into any of 3D Edit's 16 video tracks or add audio using 22 audio tracks and an advanced audio mixer with audio effects.


You can easily correct the color of your video or adjust its lighting using color correction tools. Montages of video and Picture in Picture can be created instantly using any track  along with spectacular 3D transitions that join your clips with TV type professionalism. 



See the FREE transition library here


Most video editors display a compressed low quality version of your video within the interface. You never know exactly what the video will look like until you render it. With 3D Edit Silver V4's "On Chip Rendering" capability, the raw video is mixed and displayed at full resolution all the time so you always know what the final version looks like. We call this true WYSIWYG editing (What You See Is What You Get) and it makes the whole video editing experience faster, more accurate and more creative.  


Shaderman is built into 3D Edit Silver V4 and enables special effects called shaders to be added to videos. Shaders were originally developed in Hollywood for movies such as Star Wars, Alien and many more where they are used to process digital film. Tenomichi has taken this technology and opened it up so you can now add Shader Special Effects to your own videos. 



Shaderman is optimized for standard definition effects. Shaderman's real-time capabilities mean you can have 10 simultaneous effects running on any video clip all in real-time. With up to 12 different settings on each effect and the ability to control each parameter with key-frames, there are literally billions of potential effects possible.


See the FREE Shaderman library here


Once your masterpiece is complete 3D Edit Silver V4 can record to many popular formats including DV, WMV, MP4, 3GP, Divx, Xvid. You can record video so it can be uploaded onto the internet or sent as email or played on popular home media centers and portable devices like the iPOD, PSP and mobile phones.

PC Browser

Browse your computer's hard drive with a remote control and play any audio or video file. Use all your remote control's play, pause and back functions. Your left and right buttons on your control can be used to rapidly traverse directories for fast browsing.

3D Mobile

This handy utility enables you to convert your movies and videos so they can be watched on your mobile phone or portable device. Support for MP4 and 3GP means devices such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola phones can be use as well as iPOD and PSPs.

3D Slideshow

Create simple slide shows with an added bonus. Unlike any other slide show tools, 3D Slideshow displays your photos at the full resolution. So if your camera takes 5 Mega pixel images then they are displayed as 5 Mega pixel images. Even if your PC screen or TV does not support these high resolutions, displaying images with 3D Slideshow will still improve the on screen quality.


Free Update released Q2 2007. DVB software player plays digital terrestrial and satellite TV.

NVIDIA® PureVideo™ Bronze DVD decoder 

This DVD decoder is used to play DVDs and can also be used with Microsoft's Media Center. The same decoder is used to play and edit HDTV MPEG2 files. MPEG2 HDTV is the accepted standard for most cable TV companies and is four times the resolution of DVD.



Its ability to playback High Definition video files and recorded TV footage (.TS) with high accuracy is second to none. This is one of, if not the best DVD and HD video decoders available. Supports video playback of DVDs, video files and captured TV footage at 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

3D DVD Player

See the true color and sharpness of your DVDs with 3D DVD Player powered by NVIDIA® PureVideo™. This DVD player enables automatic up-sampling of your videos from standard to high definition so your DVDs look great on your new, large LCD TV. Its unique interface can be completely controlled with any standard Windows remote control and includes Dolby Digital Stereo playback and Dolby 5.1 via your PCs SPDIF socket.



3D DVD's unique dragable controls and full screen controls make it easy to use and provide the highest quality DVD viewing experience.

D3DVideo System Test

3D Media Center includes a benchmark tool called D3DVideo Benchmark which calculates your computers speed and records a certificate. The speed of your PC is measured in frames per second and you can compare your frames per second with other people who have a similar computer. D3DVideo is a good indicator of your overall system performance as it stresses your PC. You'll be amazed how simply updating a driver can create a much faster PC experience.

FREE Automatic Updates

Tenomichi has pledged to support its 3D Media Center community with FREE updates and new FREE applications for your carousel. Each time 3D Media Center is started, the Automatic Update system checks with our database to see if there are any new updates.

System Requirements


Supported Operating Systems
All Versions Supported All Versions Supported

All Versions Supported

Requires DX9.0c installed

Supported Graphics Cards

3D Media Center and 3D Edit require a DirectX 9 graphics card with Pixels Shaders 2.0 or above.  That includes just about every graphics card/chipset manufactured over the last 2-3 years and many before that. It also includes many integrated motherboard chipsets and notebook chipsets and all PCI Express (PCIe) chipsets. If you are unsure that your graphics card is supported please contact

Graphics Card   Pixel Shader Type

All PCI Express graphics cards

All GeForce 8000 Range


All GeForce 7000 Range

GeForce 6800 Range 3.0
GeForce 6800 Ultra 3.0
GeForce 6800 GT 3.0
GeForce 6800 3.0

GeForce 6600 GT


GeForce 6600

GeForce 6200 3.0

GeForce FX 5950 Ultra


GeForce FX 5900 Ultra


GeForce FX 5900 XT


GeForce FX 5900

GeForce FX 5700 Ultra 2.0b
GeForce FX 5700 2.0b
Motherboard Integrated Chipsets Pixel Shader Type
8000 range 4.0
7000 range 3.0
6000 range 3.0
Graphics Card   Pixel Shader Type

All PCI Express graphics cards

All the Radeon X1000 Range

Radeon X850 2.0b
Radeon X800 2.0b
Radeon X700 2.0b
Radeon X600 2.0b
Radeon X300 2.0b
All In Wonder 9800 Pro 2.0b
Radeon 9800 XT 2.0b
Radeon 9800 Pro 2.0b
Radeon 9800 2.0b
Radeon 9700 2.0b
All In Wonder 9600 XT 2.0b
All In Wonder 9600 2.0b
Radeon 9600 XT 2.0b
Radeon 9600 Pro 2.0b
Radeon 9600 2.0b
Radeon 9550 2.0b
Motherboard Integrated Chipsets Pixel Shader Type
2000 range 3.0
1000 range 3.0
9000 range 2.0b


Motherboard Integrated Chipsets Pixel Shader Type

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator

X3000 chipset


Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator

9650 chipset


Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator

AKA 950 chipset

AKA 945G


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